Saturday, February 27, 2010

Something Special

I am a certified Hip Hop Head. And it is very rare i come across something that blows my mind but 2day i did. a collection of over 150 non-album Nas songs!
the link : 150+ NAS JOINTS

nas Pictures, Images and Photos

i think there's a total of 156 and outta those ive never heard 26. Sounds like a small amount but its really not. Dats like 2 albums worth of music. Hope someone appreciates this as much as me ....

and if your low on memory or just not patient enought 2 sorth through here's my top 5 off the top of my head
1.Dont Body Yourself
2. Silent Murder
3. Something Foul
4. Where Y'all At
5. Just another day in the projects ( this is from like 1995!!!)

--- ill b back 2 post soon hopefully...

Friday, February 26, 2010

A Day in THE LIFE...

Today started off feeling like a Thursday, we lived it
like a Saturday & now I'm home exhausted like it's Sunday.
I swear we did so much shit today. This is how the adventure
began (as usual on Fridays.)


Kicked it all day & went to McDonalds early, laughed our asses
off & made jokes ridiculously loud. Decided we'd go to downtown
Disney tonight so we ended up here after pickin' up John.


We walked around & I luckily got to catch George Washington,
his bitch, and some random dude performing some DOPE tracks.


It was freezing balls outside so I decided to cop
some hot cocoa w/ whipcream & marshmellows & all
that good shit that warms you up!


She wishes.


Hit up McDonalds...AGAIN. smh, it's like a guaranteed
heart attack for our asses.

Lovin' It.

We stopped by LEGOland! Started out just playin' with
the bricks.


Charli was makin' some shit...


Then I created this being the bad influence I am...

[Peep the tail on tht shit!]

We abducted this hilarious motherfucker from his
group & shit, my nigga Drew ditched Chris & some
chick for our mufuckin' clan. At 11:30pm we said
fuck Disney, it's time for IHOP!
This dude has hilarious stories/experiences.

lawl Drew.

Just Chillennn'!


Dippin' up out that bitch.


Gangsta Grillzzz, tuh-tuh-tuh grillz!

Gangsta Grillz.

The pictures help tell the story, it's 2am, I'm exhausted.

Fun day/night. Maybe a party tomorrow night idk yet.
Pz y'all.

-Brian SB.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Need a Beard.

I wish I could grow some facial hair, my shit
never grows though so my face is always on that
baby status. This is just an example of what a
person with a beard can do. Never underestimate
the powers of the beard, the RESPECT.

Epic Beard Man in action!

(turn the volume all the way up & if you still can't hear it then here's a dialogue.)

Black man: AC Transit
White man: Lets get back to business. How much you charge me for a spit-shine?
Black man: what?
White man: How much you charge me for my Stacy Adams? Im going to a funeral on FridayYou said you [note: Stacy Adams are a brand of shoe.]
Black man: Did you get what I said just now?
White man: Yes
Black man: Whyd a brother gotta spit-shine your shoes?
White man: You offered!
Black man: I didnt offer you shit.
White man: Whatd you just say when you walked by me?
Black man: I said why, why a fuckin brother gotta spit-shine your shoes?
White man: You dont have to!
Black man: Why a white man cant spit-shine
White man: [interrupting] It could be a Chinaman! It dont matter!
Black man: Look dude
White man: I aint prejudice! What? You think Im prejudice!
Black man: [pointing toward front of bus] Take your ass back up there and get the fuck out my face right now.
White man: Why you being so hostile, man?
Black man: Cause. Im pissed off.
White man: Well its better to be pissed off than pissed on.
Black man: Take your ass up there right now
White man: [standing to go to the front] You aint scarin this white boy. Im 67 years old. You aint scarin me. You aint scarin me.
Black man: [now, also standing] Im 50.
White man: You aint scared of me. You aint scarin me.
Black man: Ill put my foot up your ass.
Older white man: No you wont! No you wont!
White man: You wont do nothin to me! [then something unintelligible]
Black man: Say it again! [then something unintelligible as woman who was filming talks over him]
Iyanna Washington: Say it again! Say it again, Pinky!
Someone off camera whom many allege is Iyanna Washington: Beat his white ass! Whoop his ass!
Another passenger: Leave him alone!
Iyanna Washington: It aint worth it, blood, it aint worth it.
Black man: Id put my foot up your ass.
White man: I see tough guys like you and I slap the shit out of them.
Black man: What?!
Another passenger: Stop it!
White man: Dont fuck with me! He hit me! He fuckin hit me!
White man: He fuckin hit me first! He hit me in the face! [unintelligible] self defense!
Iyanna: Open that shit! laughs
Iyanna: We can press charges, blood. I got in on videotape. Hes leakin.
Black man: That motherfucker hit me. No no no no no.
Another passenger: Did he break your teeth?
Black man: No. Bring an ambulance.

That dude got his shit FUCKED by epic beard man!
& then those bitches stole his groceries! SMH. Not
being raceist but c'mon, seriously?

face palm Pictures, Images and Photos

An interview afterwards:

Skip to about :55 & watch him get tazed at a oakland A's game.

EBM got tazed like 4 times & is STILL being belligerent.
Talk about a motherfuckin' certified boss! Vietnam Tom.
This dude is my hero, we need more people like him in the world.

A street interview!

Best Quotes:

"we were going to Frisco to get some weed..for our arthritis!" [0:25]

"Tell that motherfucker I'll give him 7 chances & I'll wait another
20 years & still whip his ass when I'm 103!" [3:20] (Toms is only 67.)

"that's how we got to be friends, i beat his ass, tried to
steal my cocaine!" [5:20]


I'd reccomend skipping to the times I put after the
best quotes, unless you have time to watch the whole
thing. This is gold, funniest REAL video I've seen in
a long time.

-Brian SB.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's Goin Downnnn!

The Timeless crew is finally going to be
reunited for the first time in 2010. Big
shit poppin' spring break. Chillin' vid,
performance, etc; Honestly we're just gonna
live that life you bitches wish your boy-
friend's did. Tsk tsk. We da rockstars you
CAN'T drink, just the ones you can swallow.

The mufuckin' countdown til the Timeless Take-Over!

-Brian SB.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

All I Need Is 1 Mic.

& some beats. I've been writing a lot of shit
lately. I'm just in the mood to make some music.
I think I might purchase a microphone soon, not
having a studio kills me. Spittin' i a form of
venting/telling stories from how I see it. Instead
of a pair of $150+ sneakers I can invest in a mic.
I mean I only have 2 feet, I don't need 20 pairs of
sneakers. Hm...decisions decisions. Making my room
into a studio would be dope as hell, but im moving
out in 2 years. Ehh. I might just make an attempt
at learning about the best programs & shit. I wanna
get rid of all my furniture anyway. This will be
continued in another post once my vision develops.

-Brian SB.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Am So Random, Girls Think That's Handsome.

So lately I've been out all day & catching up
with old friends/making new ones. Yesterday I
was at home for like 10 minutes, chilled w/a friend.
Went back home, 5 minutes later got scooped up &
didn't get home til 11ish fuckin' exhausted. Went
to the bowling ally but we didn't even bowl. smh.
Out of the 20 people in the group 5 bowled. lmao.

I copped my prom ticket today. After that I chilled
at planet smoothie/quiznos with Nicole. I had a large
sub, I'm definitely gonna have the shits tonight.


I burp abnormally loud.

She liked this one.

She can put her thumb behind her hand
in some fuckin' creepy way.
Creepyass Hand.

We walked into a store & I saw this
ridiculous shirt. If you'd wear this
go kill yourself. SMH.
Fk Jersey Shore.

Random, but she reads me awkward articles from
magazines in a British accent. Next time I get
the chance I'll make a video & post it up.

We stopped by Leeann's cribo to drop a camera
of hers we've had for months. lmao. She kept
saying she looked bad, I took pics to piss her
off. ♥

She has a parrot! I want a chameleon or some
cool pet that not many people have. I'm just
too busy to clean up their shit.

Now I'm about to go see some randomass family I've
never met, going to dinner & Orlando.


-Brian SB.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Got Me Some...

Bape Pick-Up.

More Important News!

As many of y'all that read the blog know me & Degree rap.
During the spring break we plan on doing some


I'm talkin' music videos, a performance, etc; By the way...
All this shit is gonna be in Puerto Rico! This spring break
is going to be 1 to especially remember! Just lettin' y'all
in on a little bit of news I believe any of the fans should
know. I will most definitely keep you guys updated. Peep some
of the tracks @

there's some jewels up there. I don't use that page too much
but it streams the music so whatever. Hit it up & take a listen.
I'm out!

-Brian SB.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Numbah One.

So I came home to a tee I'd bought recently on
solecollector, it's a Supreme Damien Hirst Box Logo
tee. I love the polka-dot design on it:
little did I know there was a message on the back.
A quote from 1 of my favorite songs...

That's kinda hardcore to be walking around with on
your back, but I think it's dope as hell.

In Other News!

I finished designing danNY's mixtape cover.
If you remember when I released his track
"I'm Dope" you might recall the 2 pictures
I chose to make the cover with. If you don't
it's okay because you can see the old post HERE!

MTMTE cover:
(Click picture for a complete/more detailed look idk why blog cuts it off)

Here's the last track I'm gonna leak off of this project.
More Than Meets the Eye will be available for download
via the blog, myspace, facebook, & twitter. Blog will be updated
with a tracklisting when the actual mixtape drops.

danNY - #1

As always, click the title to download.

*Drop comments for feedback on the song & shit.

Peep Degree's tracks in his post, more new shit comin'
from him VERY soon. Stop sleepin' & spread
this shit like butter cuz we stay toasted.

-Brian SB.

Monday, February 15, 2010

I Can See Clearly Now...

For most of you that know me I'm a blind fuck.
People joke that it's my chinck eyes. I'm not
even asian you bastards. lmao. After months of
putting it off I finally decided to get some
glasses today. Best choice I've made in a while!
I've never seen the world so clearly in my life.
I swear on the ride home I stared at everything
as it passed by, palm trees, grass, signs, old
people jogging, EVERYTHING! I got some classic
Black, Ray Ban, Wayfarers. My mom says they
look ridiculously big on my face but I think
they're cool, not excited for doing school work
tomorrow but for once I won't have to copy notes
from someone else since I can't see the board.

I can't believe how vivid things look to me now.
The world is so detailed, shit used to be almost
2-D to me. I'd been missing out.


& as a bonus, today's fit.





-Brian SB.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Give Em What They Want.

Today is valentines day, & everyone is always
worrying about what to get their girlfriend.
I'm constructing a simple guide on what people
REALLY want.

Women want roses.
Bitches love roses.

This bullshit.

(I wonder how long "a long way!" really is.)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Teddy Bears.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(MJ needs love to...)
Love. No real pictures I can think of
for that sorry.

Now guys.....we want 2 things.
Need I say it?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

(If you don't get it, go kill yo self.)

Happy Valentines day y'all.

-Brian SB.

Friday, February 12, 2010


You ever had someone ask you 1 of those questions
that makes you think about what's really important
in life? Something that usually makes you realize
life isn't all about material things?

If you had 5 seconds to get out of your house
before the entire thing burned down what would
you take with you?

5 seconds isn't shit, the only thing I could really
take with me is the clothes on my back & all the
knowledge I have. Maybe my ipod/camera if I was
near it but besides that all the other shit I have
wouldn't really mean much. I'd rather be alive with
nothing than die with riches. Because everything we
use in modern day society isn't necessary. Phones,
Computers, Video Games, etc; all those things are
luxuries. Humans survived with nothing but food &
water at 1 point. Reflect...

-Brian SB.

15 - 12 (Music)

Im slackin in my mackin, slippin in my pimpin dam... here we go wit da list :

15. Stillmatic - Nas
Summary - This is a remake of his 1st Lp Illmatic. dam nas came thru. I always like this lp but didnt realize how much til years later. I still bump this join religiously. And despite da terrible gear and dat funny ass pigeon this might be the best cover ive seen from Nas.
Listen : when u need inspiration
Top Songs : One Mic, My Country, What Goes Around
Worst Song : Got urself a gun ( c'mon son! smarten up Nas)

14. Get Rich Or Die Tryin - 50 Cent
Summary - "damn homie / in hight school u was da man homie". 50 was on his shit wen he dropped this. Da majority of ppl say he fell off, i disagree. At da end of da day this his Best album case closed. 50 had Dre on da beats, "In da Club" on da radio and the streets on smash. U dont like this album? ur a pussy!
Listen : when cleanin ya gunz
Top Songs : Many Men, Patiently Waiting, Don't Push Me
Worst Song : P.i.m.p. (cheeeeesy)

13. Life After Death - B.I.G.
Summary - This shit is just classic. Double disc full of dat New York shit. Just a handful of below average songs bring this down. This was da 1st album i can remember listening to. Before school my older brother bumped this shit so damn much. If u listen u would see why. R.I.P. B.I.G.
Listen : Past midnight on da train
Top Songs : Sky's The Limit, Long kiss Goodnight, Last Day
Worst Song : Another

12. Black On Both Sides - Mos Def
Summary : Oh boy did i sleep on Mos Def. And i wouldnt be surprised if you did too. I always thought of him as borderline wack. Maybe i wasnt ready? This came out in 1999 and i (re)discovered it in late 2009. Only listen to this joint if your gonna LISTEN. Dude goes in and has 1 of da most creative songs ever in Mr. Nigga
Listen : See album #16
Top Songs : Mr. Nigga, Ms. Fat Booty, Mathematics, Hip Hop, Got

stay tuned halfway thru this list and have my top 21 movies comin next. drop a comment lemme know watcha think..

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Brain Tsunami.

Every once in a while I get into a
mode where I want to do creative things,
the blog gets a good amount of hits a day
& I was thinking maybe I could slowly but
surely build a brand & adopt the blog's
name into it. Coke-N-Cane. I have ideas
for about 3 tees so far, a motto/slogan
or 2, & I'm still thinking about a logo.
I have some friends that support me & know
I have some sick ideas & they'd cop shit.
So don't be surprised if eventually I start
making moves with that & begin to somehow
sell em through here/solecollector. It'll
probably be launched much later in the year,
after summer. I usually have inspiration
in Puerto Rico there thanks to influential
family & the environment. Everything from
kryp to coconuts to crime to cunts. Y'all
know, the basic shit everyone sees. Only
I view it from a different perspective than

I'm going to Puerto Rico for spring break,
I will have a SHITLOAD of pictures & stories
to tell, can't wait for that. This being said,
just sharing some thoughts. Y'all will be up
to date with what's running through my head.

Speaking of running........Running girl Pictures, Images and Photos


-Brian SB.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So as you probably noticed I made the blog a background.
I'm working on banners and other shit as well, i know the
background isn't perfect but i'll continue to make adjustments
and tweak it here & there. If anyone can help with the dimensions
or maybe on how to make it a still image & not have to repeat?

Well, we Matrix'in in this bitch!
I made it from scratch, appreciate it bitches.

In honor of the background...

Catch T @ 1:49!

Much love.

-Brian SB

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

And I'm...

still doin' thissss!

Taking me a while to post cuz we got a new router
that keeps getting fucked with. Smh.

Shoutout to T, I love you. ♥ Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I figure it's time to drop a blogsclusive
track as we usually do! Ya know ya boy Degree
is doin' the damn thang in & out the studio.
Fuck you if you're not a fan, this shit'll
convert you bastards after a listen.
Off of F.E.A.R.

Degree - And I'm

Probably the last track I leak off of fear.
Y'all should be satisfied w/ this & Self Medicated.

Listen/Download the track.

Onto the next one!

-Brian SB

if you own T&P make some noise.....

......*crickets chirpin*.......
I don't own any T&P but i know it pretty well... Peep da facts,

I shave for T&P
I act like im goin 2 da bathroom when im out 2 get a better look at distant T&P
T&P has been in style since the Stone Age
When i 1st heard P burp it scared da shit outta me but i later realized dats a good thing.
I prefer P wit a bald eagle or mohawk look opposed 2 a afro.
1 time i got so much T&P i went in2 a coma.

and 4 u rookies out there always test da T&P b4 u just dive in.....

he dunno bout T&P like me -> Image and video hosting by TinyPic

T&P goes hand in hand like this -> Image and video hosting by TinyPic

and im out........


Monday, February 8, 2010

Down With That T&P?


For those of you that don't know...
T&P makes the world go round! This
is a post dedicated to 2 of my fav.
things, I'm not going to blatantly
state what they are, but I'm going
to make some suggestive themes and
hopefully you can guess what these
letters stand for.

I love it when I catch T&P running.
I don't trust bumps on T&P either.
I hate when T&P give me a sad look.
I've wasted tons of money leasing T&P in my lifetime.
If you haven't had a bit of T&P you start to go blind.
If you happen to have T&P you can mooch off of your friends.
T&P will get you into Hollywood if you know the right people.
T&P always need to compliment each other before they go out.
I hate P that talks back when you're abusing it.
I put T&P over tons of shit I shouldn't.

This post will be continued, probably a daily thought
at the bottom of any of my posts w/ a pic so the slow
ones can find out what it is.

In other news, I copped some dope SBTG's today.
I wouldn't put T&P over these bad boys.
SBTG pick-up.

-Brian SB.


So much 2 do so little time...I love this blog shit but hardly have time 2 post. If u been followin u prolly notice Brian posts 3X more (make a backround bitch) and a few of my posts hav been half-assed. I start em wit : "i been meanin 2 post" or "i had 20 ideas". Sadly i neva actually do it. So what ima do rite quick is do some mini posts......

1. NO PROMO- As half owner of this shit ima do myself a favor. From now on im not postin any well known rappers shit. This my blog ima post my music and my niggas music and dats it. Take it or leave it! ill prolly post a lil somethin from lesser-known artists i like such as : The Illz, Freddie Gibbs & Pill (google is ur friend). But 4 da most part im postin my own shit. If u rap, sing or have anything u want da world 2 see holla @ me. Im lookin 4 beats too. Da Blog gets 150+ views a day so why not? email me @ or hit me on twitter @degreednttweet and ill try n help . Why promote these millionaires who could give 2 shits bout us? i wana help myself, my niggas and my niggas' niggas...

2. PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS- Another thing, freedom of speech is a bich! I dont bite my tongue, i put my heart & soul in2 everything i say/write (even when drunk). But sometimes i dont use my brain. It is what it is, i think its a blessin. Sum ppl can speak their mind but not from their heart im jus the opposite. I think i got carried away wit my RT 3.0 post just bcuz ppl dont look at at dat topic seriously but i dont regret it. I did so much in my life i regret and i've done shit i didnt even think i was capable of doin. Basically im sayin my past just overcomes da person im tryin 2 be sometimes so i might come across as bitter n shit. Tryin 2 change is hard but not impossible.

3. FUTURE POSTS- Like i said i gotta alot of funny and interestin shit i wanna share.
Here's some ideas :
-MY JOB- a post bout my job showin all da fuckery i see and all da trouble i get into
-FUNNY HOW TIME FLIES- i wanna do this post dats a timeline on how shit has changed in my life. Idk tho id have 2 backtrack alot. February 2008 changed my life and it jus stays in my head......
-21- Still not done wit my top 21 albums but i do have a draft of my top 21 movies and girls (4 u perverts ha)
-TXT OF DA DAY- Me & Sb txt like 50 times a day. We always say we should post our convos on da blog 4 comedy. WE'LL WAIT & SEE WHAT DA T&P Says
-5,000- when we hit 5,000 views we got somethin special 4 ya so keep checkin us!!

.........Thanks 4 readin ya...Writin helps me deal wit all da shit this world throws at me and i appreciate ppl comin 2 my/our site...Hope ya Feel Me....

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

"henny and joints rolled i know dat it harms me / but im strong im da rose dat grew from my momma's concrete"

- Degree

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I don't really care for the superbowl.

Who knew you could be so cynical
in a group full of positive people.
Not even crack a smile in a room full
of jokes. I'm not sure what's wrong,
I don't know what's right either.

Tonight this will be on repeat.

-Brian SB.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Smell Like the Fuckin' Mall.

I woke-up this morning & my mom asked if
I wanted to accompany her to the Florida Mall,
I figured I wasn't gonna do shit here so why not?
Took pics of shit I found cool or interesting.

First I walked into this little boutique.
Japan HQ!

This China trick was fine.
I'd Hit.

Saw TONS of awesome toys/models.

Giant Gundams.

Medium Gundams.

Little Gundams.

Little Chino was lookin' to.

More Than Meets the Eye!

Straight Outta Japan.

Back in the day DBZ was my shit!
DBZ x OnePiece

Then there was some Kid Robot shit to.

Optimus Prime x Munny.
Optimus Munny.

Tofu Heads.

MUNNY! ($130 on sale)

If Only it Was True...
Only in a dream.

I love collecting these zipper pulls.

Collection so far.

Dat Shit!

After leaving there I strolled into
some big ass candy store with cool
shit I hadn't seen before.

I know we all loved The Legend of Zelda,
Hyrule Shield.

& hittin' bricks for coins with Mario.
Mystery Block.

The Root of ALL Evil.
I'm Rich Bitch.

Wonka in this bitch.

Some classic shit. Don't mix with soda...

7up Front.

7up Back.

After that I browsed around & found some cool shit.

An OLD Ice Cream skateboarding vid:
Ice Cream.

& a drinking hat!
Beer Cap.

Did you know Soda machines began
accepting credit cards?
Coke Machine.

I sure as hell didn't. Like seriously,
who goes around w/o even $1?!
Coke Credit Cards.

Now this is what I'm talkin' about!
25 cents.

I copped some chinese to go even
though I ate it right there. They
ALWAYS give you way more when you
ask for it to go, my dad taught me.

I happened to walk into a photography
store to see if they had some external
flash packs & I found an amazing deal
on a battery grip! Dude told me that
the Nikon D40 was being discontinued so
anything specific for it was liquidated.
I got pretty lucky, it even came w/ 2
batteries included!
Battery Grip.

From $135 to $40. Can't hate on that.

Today was better than I expected.
Time to play some tunes, study,
shower, chill, etc;
Peace y'all.

-Brian SB.

Sorry for the flood of pictures these last 2 posts.
& I noticed they get cut off on the sides kinda.
If you wanna see the whole thing just click it,
should take you to the image on flickr.