Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sew-Sew Like Seamstress.

Many of you that know me know I've been
wearing the same jeans just about EVERYDAY
for a loooong time. Approximately 11 months.
They're Dry Heavy Average Joe Nudies an old friend got
me as an early birthday present last year. Retail
at about $150+. After lots of wear my mom finally
decided to wash them while I wasn't home. I was
trying to wash at a year, but she claimed they
smelled dirty. Well I mean after 11 months of
ball juice what the fuck isn't gonna be dirty? I'm
exagerating, there wasn't ball juice, plus I sprayed
them w/ Febreeze every now & then. They were originally
a dark indigo blue w/ no wear & no tears.
For Example:

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Here's what mine came out looking like after their
1st wash. I think they look great.

Check out the all around view of the back.

Wallet Fade & small tear between legs.

Teh Whiskaz!
Left Leg Back.

1 of the many little tears on the inner legs.

My crotch bitches.

Contrast on the knees.
Front Left

Front Right

Some pics for fun!


High quality denim is really worth it
& I'd reccomend Nudies to anyone.
I'm considering buying some Petite Standard
A.P.C.'s next. But I have another brand new
pair of nudies I need to break in first.
I'm out dawgys.

-Brian SB.

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They are looking good.Nice blog following.