Friday, February 26, 2010

A Day in THE LIFE...

Today started off feeling like a Thursday, we lived it
like a Saturday & now I'm home exhausted like it's Sunday.
I swear we did so much shit today. This is how the adventure
began (as usual on Fridays.)


Kicked it all day & went to McDonalds early, laughed our asses
off & made jokes ridiculously loud. Decided we'd go to downtown
Disney tonight so we ended up here after pickin' up John.


We walked around & I luckily got to catch George Washington,
his bitch, and some random dude performing some DOPE tracks.


It was freezing balls outside so I decided to cop
some hot cocoa w/ whipcream & marshmellows & all
that good shit that warms you up!


She wishes.


Hit up McDonalds...AGAIN. smh, it's like a guaranteed
heart attack for our asses.

Lovin' It.

We stopped by LEGOland! Started out just playin' with
the bricks.


Charli was makin' some shit...


Then I created this being the bad influence I am...

[Peep the tail on tht shit!]

We abducted this hilarious motherfucker from his
group & shit, my nigga Drew ditched Chris & some
chick for our mufuckin' clan. At 11:30pm we said
fuck Disney, it's time for IHOP!
This dude has hilarious stories/experiences.

lawl Drew.

Just Chillennn'!


Dippin' up out that bitch.


Gangsta Grillzzz, tuh-tuh-tuh grillz!

Gangsta Grillz.

The pictures help tell the story, it's 2am, I'm exhausted.

Fun day/night. Maybe a party tomorrow night idk yet.
Pz y'all.

-Brian SB.

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Anonymous said...

Sick photos, I was @ Pleasure Island around November last year.