Saturday, February 27, 2010

Something Special

I am a certified Hip Hop Head. And it is very rare i come across something that blows my mind but 2day i did. a collection of over 150 non-album Nas songs!
the link : 150+ NAS JOINTS

nas Pictures, Images and Photos

i think there's a total of 156 and outta those ive never heard 26. Sounds like a small amount but its really not. Dats like 2 albums worth of music. Hope someone appreciates this as much as me ....

and if your low on memory or just not patient enought 2 sorth through here's my top 5 off the top of my head
1.Dont Body Yourself
2. Silent Murder
3. Something Foul
4. Where Y'all At
5. Just another day in the projects ( this is from like 1995!!!)

--- ill b back 2 post soon hopefully...

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