Friday, February 12, 2010

15 - 12 (Music)

Im slackin in my mackin, slippin in my pimpin dam... here we go wit da list :

15. Stillmatic - Nas
Summary - This is a remake of his 1st Lp Illmatic. dam nas came thru. I always like this lp but didnt realize how much til years later. I still bump this join religiously. And despite da terrible gear and dat funny ass pigeon this might be the best cover ive seen from Nas.
Listen : when u need inspiration
Top Songs : One Mic, My Country, What Goes Around
Worst Song : Got urself a gun ( c'mon son! smarten up Nas)

14. Get Rich Or Die Tryin - 50 Cent
Summary - "damn homie / in hight school u was da man homie". 50 was on his shit wen he dropped this. Da majority of ppl say he fell off, i disagree. At da end of da day this his Best album case closed. 50 had Dre on da beats, "In da Club" on da radio and the streets on smash. U dont like this album? ur a pussy!
Listen : when cleanin ya gunz
Top Songs : Many Men, Patiently Waiting, Don't Push Me
Worst Song : P.i.m.p. (cheeeeesy)

13. Life After Death - B.I.G.
Summary - This shit is just classic. Double disc full of dat New York shit. Just a handful of below average songs bring this down. This was da 1st album i can remember listening to. Before school my older brother bumped this shit so damn much. If u listen u would see why. R.I.P. B.I.G.
Listen : Past midnight on da train
Top Songs : Sky's The Limit, Long kiss Goodnight, Last Day
Worst Song : Another

12. Black On Both Sides - Mos Def
Summary : Oh boy did i sleep on Mos Def. And i wouldnt be surprised if you did too. I always thought of him as borderline wack. Maybe i wasnt ready? This came out in 1999 and i (re)discovered it in late 2009. Only listen to this joint if your gonna LISTEN. Dude goes in and has 1 of da most creative songs ever in Mr. Nigga
Listen : See album #16
Top Songs : Mr. Nigga, Ms. Fat Booty, Mathematics, Hip Hop, Got

stay tuned halfway thru this list and have my top 21 movies comin next. drop a comment lemme know watcha think..

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