Sunday, February 21, 2010

All I Need Is 1 Mic.

& some beats. I've been writing a lot of shit
lately. I'm just in the mood to make some music.
I think I might purchase a microphone soon, not
having a studio kills me. Spittin' i a form of
venting/telling stories from how I see it. Instead
of a pair of $150+ sneakers I can invest in a mic.
I mean I only have 2 feet, I don't need 20 pairs of
sneakers. Hm...decisions decisions. Making my room
into a studio would be dope as hell, but im moving
out in 2 years. Ehh. I might just make an attempt
at learning about the best programs & shit. I wanna
get rid of all my furniture anyway. This will be
continued in another post once my vision develops.

-Brian SB.

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