Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm Out in Left Field, I'm Speaking Mentally.

So today I hung-out with 2 of my friends,
Charli & Simone. I don't think I've had
as much random fun in my life. We copped
chinese then hit up Ross because Simone
claimed there was Kid Robot duffles there
for $20. I doubted her so we went & sure
enough I was right & she was wrong. They
didn't have shit. lmao.

Came home to these babies & rocked em all day.

Then we went back to Bruce Lee kickin' it.
I'm glad I have friends like them, they bring
out the creativity in me, especially Charli.
Her room inspired me so much I think we're
gonna take some days out & make my plain boring
room somewhat exciting. (I'll def post pics!)

Well, I can type about my day but I believe
pictures are worth a thousand words. So
here you go, check out some of my favs today:

As soon as we got to Charli's we munched like
hungryass motherfuckers!

First we had cake...

Then we busted out some double-stuffed oreos...

Then after a lot of careful twisting I made
a triple-double-stuffed oreo. A SEXTUPLE STUFFED OREO!
Sextuple Stuffed.
(It was so Epic I had to show Simone while she was eating)

After raiding the kitchen I walked into
Charli's room for the first time in my life.
Just about all the artwork you see she made
herself. I never knew she was into all that
kinda stuff, it was dope as fuck for me to
be introduced into her little world. Only
pics can explain this amazing mess.

She's been working on this dresser for a long time.
Everything on it she cut & pasted herself from mags,
newspapers, anything really. She's sadly selling it
to a vintage store that offered $300+.


Here's just some random shots of
things I found interesting in the

(The handprints are Charli & Simone's.)


More of Charli's art. The Hot Seat
Hot Seat.

Random Stuff.


I pulled out the chair to sit & was greeted by this.
Messy Chair.


Here's some pics we took throughout the day.

I think her Gages are awesome, I've
always wanted some.


She has another tat but I didn't get a good pic.

Me & Simone kickin' it.
Poke Em Out


Tie that pig down.
Tie him down.

Chillin' on tha flooooh.

Stunnin' Playboah!

That pretty much sums up my day.
Post comments & shit. Peace & Love.

-Brian SB.

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