Friday, February 12, 2010


You ever had someone ask you 1 of those questions
that makes you think about what's really important
in life? Something that usually makes you realize
life isn't all about material things?

If you had 5 seconds to get out of your house
before the entire thing burned down what would
you take with you?

5 seconds isn't shit, the only thing I could really
take with me is the clothes on my back & all the
knowledge I have. Maybe my ipod/camera if I was
near it but besides that all the other shit I have
wouldn't really mean much. I'd rather be alive with
nothing than die with riches. Because everything we
use in modern day society isn't necessary. Phones,
Computers, Video Games, etc; all those things are
luxuries. Humans survived with nothing but food &
water at 1 point. Reflect...

-Brian SB.

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