Monday, February 1, 2010

This Recession' Is a Blessin'.

Yeah, you heard me fools.
Everyone's always saying the economy sucks ass.
Oh yeah? I know that you pieces of shit, we all
do! But I've never gotten so many good deals on
shit in my life as I do now. I'm getting 3 pairs
of Bapes for $265, remember back in 2001-2005 when
they'd go for $2-$300 a pair?! I just got 3 for less
than the price of 1 back then. SUCK IT.

Plus, there's been more inspiration for music lately
in my opinion. For artist's to grind & shine. I can
actually re-call a song for you from The Clipse.

You can find me in the streets middle of a drought,
My matress is full, why shouldn't I be out?

& idk if you noticed at 2 seconds but Pharrell has
an iced out G-shock. Shit is insane! Here's another
1 of his many custom G-Shocks. (BAPE to):

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As mentioned earlier I've bought some of the best shit
for some cheap prices lately, I got a G-Shock for $30 yesterday!
Retail on em is like $100 so that was a great price. Here's a pic:

[Sorry it's not as sick as Skateboard P's.]

So everyone stop pissin' & moaning & go find yourself
some good prices on shit. I seen houses sell for fractions
of what they were 5 years ago. We paid around $200,000 for a normal
size house & you can get them now for $100,000ish. I bought tickets
to Puerto Rico for $70 1 way & $100 the other way, take advantage
of the times we're in. Cop shit cheap now & flip it later.
I can go on & on, & I know people are gonna disagree, but
fuck it I look at the bright side of this shit.

-Brian SB.


Anonymous said...

ayeee buddy im good!..i was starting to think i was the only one who liked that song.

Krissy F Baby said...

Lol Loser :)