Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Need a Beard.

I wish I could grow some facial hair, my shit
never grows though so my face is always on that
baby status. This is just an example of what a
person with a beard can do. Never underestimate
the powers of the beard, the RESPECT.

Epic Beard Man in action!

(turn the volume all the way up & if you still can't hear it then here's a dialogue.)

Black man: AC Transit
White man: Lets get back to business. How much you charge me for a spit-shine?
Black man: what?
White man: How much you charge me for my Stacy Adams? Im going to a funeral on FridayYou said you [note: Stacy Adams are a brand of shoe.]
Black man: Did you get what I said just now?
White man: Yes
Black man: Whyd a brother gotta spit-shine your shoes?
White man: You offered!
Black man: I didnt offer you shit.
White man: Whatd you just say when you walked by me?
Black man: I said why, why a fuckin brother gotta spit-shine your shoes?
White man: You dont have to!
Black man: Why a white man cant spit-shine
White man: [interrupting] It could be a Chinaman! It dont matter!
Black man: Look dude
White man: I aint prejudice! What? You think Im prejudice!
Black man: [pointing toward front of bus] Take your ass back up there and get the fuck out my face right now.
White man: Why you being so hostile, man?
Black man: Cause. Im pissed off.
White man: Well its better to be pissed off than pissed on.
Black man: Take your ass up there right now
White man: [standing to go to the front] You aint scarin this white boy. Im 67 years old. You aint scarin me. You aint scarin me.
Black man: [now, also standing] Im 50.
White man: You aint scared of me. You aint scarin me.
Black man: Ill put my foot up your ass.
Older white man: No you wont! No you wont!
White man: You wont do nothin to me! [then something unintelligible]
Black man: Say it again! [then something unintelligible as woman who was filming talks over him]
Iyanna Washington: Say it again! Say it again, Pinky!
Someone off camera whom many allege is Iyanna Washington: Beat his white ass! Whoop his ass!
Another passenger: Leave him alone!
Iyanna Washington: It aint worth it, blood, it aint worth it.
Black man: Id put my foot up your ass.
White man: I see tough guys like you and I slap the shit out of them.
Black man: What?!
Another passenger: Stop it!
White man: Dont fuck with me! He hit me! He fuckin hit me!
White man: He fuckin hit me first! He hit me in the face! [unintelligible] self defense!
Iyanna: Open that shit! laughs
Iyanna: We can press charges, blood. I got in on videotape. Hes leakin.
Black man: That motherfucker hit me. No no no no no.
Another passenger: Did he break your teeth?
Black man: No. Bring an ambulance.

That dude got his shit FUCKED by epic beard man!
& then those bitches stole his groceries! SMH. Not
being raceist but c'mon, seriously?

face palm Pictures, Images and Photos

An interview afterwards:

Skip to about :55 & watch him get tazed at a oakland A's game.

EBM got tazed like 4 times & is STILL being belligerent.
Talk about a motherfuckin' certified boss! Vietnam Tom.
This dude is my hero, we need more people like him in the world.

A street interview!

Best Quotes:

"we were going to Frisco to get some weed..for our arthritis!" [0:25]

"Tell that motherfucker I'll give him 7 chances & I'll wait another
20 years & still whip his ass when I'm 103!" [3:20] (Toms is only 67.)

"that's how we got to be friends, i beat his ass, tried to
steal my cocaine!" [5:20]


I'd reccomend skipping to the times I put after the
best quotes, unless you have time to watch the whole
thing. This is gold, funniest REAL video I've seen in
a long time.

-Brian SB.

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Degree said...

dat nigga gona have 2 pay for his teeth cuz they took up 2 more seats... "he hit me he hit me!"