Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Numbah One.

So I came home to a tee I'd bought recently on
solecollector, it's a Supreme Damien Hirst Box Logo
tee. I love the polka-dot design on it:
little did I know there was a message on the back.
A quote from 1 of my favorite songs...

That's kinda hardcore to be walking around with on
your back, but I think it's dope as hell.

In Other News!

I finished designing danNY's mixtape cover.
If you remember when I released his track
"I'm Dope" you might recall the 2 pictures
I chose to make the cover with. If you don't
it's okay because you can see the old post HERE!

MTMTE cover:
(Click picture for a complete/more detailed look idk why blog cuts it off)

Here's the last track I'm gonna leak off of this project.
More Than Meets the Eye will be available for download
via the blog, myspace, facebook, & twitter. Blog will be updated
with a tracklisting when the actual mixtape drops.

danNY - #1

As always, click the title to download.

*Drop comments for feedback on the song & shit.

Peep Degree's tracks in his post, more new shit comin'
from him VERY soon. Stop sleepin' & spread
this shit like butter cuz we stay toasted.

-Brian SB.

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