Monday, February 15, 2010

I Can See Clearly Now...

For most of you that know me I'm a blind fuck.
People joke that it's my chinck eyes. I'm not
even asian you bastards. lmao. After months of
putting it off I finally decided to get some
glasses today. Best choice I've made in a while!
I've never seen the world so clearly in my life.
I swear on the ride home I stared at everything
as it passed by, palm trees, grass, signs, old
people jogging, EVERYTHING! I got some classic
Black, Ray Ban, Wayfarers. My mom says they
look ridiculously big on my face but I think
they're cool, not excited for doing school work
tomorrow but for once I won't have to copy notes
from someone else since I can't see the board.

I can't believe how vivid things look to me now.
The world is so detailed, shit used to be almost
2-D to me. I'd been missing out.


& as a bonus, today's fit.





-Brian SB.


Anonymous said...

I know how you feel Brian. I started wearing glasses about 3 years ago. Thank god I don't wear them everywhere though. Nice fit too.

Krissy F Baby said...

Lol it'S Bout Time Cuz Yu iS Blindd :)
Lol! Contacts Are Better Tho <33

Cam Alexander said...

I love the Beastie Boys, I even have the shirt for that songg, hatee on meee