Thursday, February 11, 2010

Brain Tsunami.

Every once in a while I get into a
mode where I want to do creative things,
the blog gets a good amount of hits a day
& I was thinking maybe I could slowly but
surely build a brand & adopt the blog's
name into it. Coke-N-Cane. I have ideas
for about 3 tees so far, a motto/slogan
or 2, & I'm still thinking about a logo.
I have some friends that support me & know
I have some sick ideas & they'd cop shit.
So don't be surprised if eventually I start
making moves with that & begin to somehow
sell em through here/solecollector. It'll
probably be launched much later in the year,
after summer. I usually have inspiration
in Puerto Rico there thanks to influential
family & the environment. Everything from
kryp to coconuts to crime to cunts. Y'all
know, the basic shit everyone sees. Only
I view it from a different perspective than

I'm going to Puerto Rico for spring break,
I will have a SHITLOAD of pictures & stories
to tell, can't wait for that. This being said,
just sharing some thoughts. Y'all will be up
to date with what's running through my head.

Speaking of running........Running girl Pictures, Images and Photos


-Brian SB.

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