Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Am So Random, Girls Think That's Handsome.

So lately I've been out all day & catching up
with old friends/making new ones. Yesterday I
was at home for like 10 minutes, chilled w/a friend.
Went back home, 5 minutes later got scooped up &
didn't get home til 11ish fuckin' exhausted. Went
to the bowling ally but we didn't even bowl. smh.
Out of the 20 people in the group 5 bowled. lmao.

I copped my prom ticket today. After that I chilled
at planet smoothie/quiznos with Nicole. I had a large
sub, I'm definitely gonna have the shits tonight.


I burp abnormally loud.

She liked this one.

She can put her thumb behind her hand
in some fuckin' creepy way.
Creepyass Hand.

We walked into a store & I saw this
ridiculous shirt. If you'd wear this
go kill yourself. SMH.
Fk Jersey Shore.

Random, but she reads me awkward articles from
magazines in a British accent. Next time I get
the chance I'll make a video & post it up.

We stopped by Leeann's cribo to drop a camera
of hers we've had for months. lmao. She kept
saying she looked bad, I took pics to piss her
off. ♥

She has a parrot! I want a chameleon or some
cool pet that not many people have. I'm just
too busy to clean up their shit.

Now I'm about to go see some randomass family I've
never met, going to dinner & Orlando.


-Brian SB.


Anonymous said...

Lmaao is dat ur gurl??

Coke-N-Cane said...

Nah. $ingle mufucka.

Krissy F Baby said...

Haha Ur KEwl :)

Cam Alexander said...

I like those shades, they fit you well!