Monday, February 8, 2010


So much 2 do so little time...I love this blog shit but hardly have time 2 post. If u been followin u prolly notice Brian posts 3X more (make a backround bitch) and a few of my posts hav been half-assed. I start em wit : "i been meanin 2 post" or "i had 20 ideas". Sadly i neva actually do it. So what ima do rite quick is do some mini posts......

1. NO PROMO- As half owner of this shit ima do myself a favor. From now on im not postin any well known rappers shit. This my blog ima post my music and my niggas music and dats it. Take it or leave it! ill prolly post a lil somethin from lesser-known artists i like such as : The Illz, Freddie Gibbs & Pill (google is ur friend). But 4 da most part im postin my own shit. If u rap, sing or have anything u want da world 2 see holla @ me. Im lookin 4 beats too. Da Blog gets 150+ views a day so why not? email me @ or hit me on twitter @degreednttweet and ill try n help . Why promote these millionaires who could give 2 shits bout us? i wana help myself, my niggas and my niggas' niggas...

2. PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS- Another thing, freedom of speech is a bich! I dont bite my tongue, i put my heart & soul in2 everything i say/write (even when drunk). But sometimes i dont use my brain. It is what it is, i think its a blessin. Sum ppl can speak their mind but not from their heart im jus the opposite. I think i got carried away wit my RT 3.0 post just bcuz ppl dont look at at dat topic seriously but i dont regret it. I did so much in my life i regret and i've done shit i didnt even think i was capable of doin. Basically im sayin my past just overcomes da person im tryin 2 be sometimes so i might come across as bitter n shit. Tryin 2 change is hard but not impossible.

3. FUTURE POSTS- Like i said i gotta alot of funny and interestin shit i wanna share.
Here's some ideas :
-MY JOB- a post bout my job showin all da fuckery i see and all da trouble i get into
-FUNNY HOW TIME FLIES- i wanna do this post dats a timeline on how shit has changed in my life. Idk tho id have 2 backtrack alot. February 2008 changed my life and it jus stays in my head......
-21- Still not done wit my top 21 albums but i do have a draft of my top 21 movies and girls (4 u perverts ha)
-TXT OF DA DAY- Me & Sb txt like 50 times a day. We always say we should post our convos on da blog 4 comedy. WE'LL WAIT & SEE WHAT DA T&P Says
-5,000- when we hit 5,000 views we got somethin special 4 ya so keep checkin us!!

.........Thanks 4 readin ya...Writin helps me deal wit all da shit this world throws at me and i appreciate ppl comin 2 my/our site...Hope ya Feel Me....

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"henny and joints rolled i know dat it harms me / but im strong im da rose dat grew from my momma's concrete"

- Degree

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Anonymous said...

thats buz in the vid?

never knew buz rapped and was on a blog...