Saturday, January 30, 2010

RT 3.0 (Respect)

"Im in your crib fuckin your bitch / no i dont normally do this / but she wants meee / when u gone she calls meee"

Its Saturday nite and i should be doin something fun(ner), but last nite was crazy enough. So instead of throwin my $ round ill give ya sum real talk. The issue ima talk bout always comes up in my conversations, its a big deal 2 Me


Im not talkin bout respect in general. Im talkin bout a specific kind. WTF is up wit dudes?! Matter fact wassup wit u girls to?! Where do ya get off fuckin wit someone who is in a relationship?!
Im Not a saint but whatever happened to class? Im only human and i have a list of regrets and mistakes but Damn.
U dont gotta wry bout me takin YOUR girl............... Unless.......
1.She lied and said she was single
2. It was a random spur of the moment thing dat happened and was probably alcohol influenced.
Dats it, BOOM only 2 excuses... Ima good man lol...

Ive only been in 1 serious relationship. During that 4and a half year span i put up wit so much shit wit these niggas out here. Im not a lame, nobody is gonna disrespect me just like dat. If my girl wants u then fine take her and it On To The Next One... But some dudes really od! I had 2 fuck a nigga up in broad day just because i couldnt handle da fact dat he was always tryin 2 get in my girls ear sayin i did this, this and that. What kind of no-game-havin-ass shit is dat? If u talk down on a females boyfriend just 2 get with her u R a pussy simple & plain and u get no respect from me Punk!!

Some dudes get a rush off fuckin a taken girl and i see the temptation / appeal. But it shows u have very lil character plus karma is a bitch dats HIV positive.
1. If u wit another dudes girl, u and him R jus swappin cum/rubber/spit (within da same day probably) via mouth and vagina wich is gross
2. How does the female look runnin round town wit "him" when everybody knows she gotta legit boyfriend
3. Da "side dude" is a cornball if he's payin 4 shit and goin on dates! Like r u actually tryin to wife up a girl who is CHEATIN. SMH!

There's 3 and a half billion women in the world (as of 2007). 51 pct are single, Trust me i googled it....

So you wanna show u got game? Ok why dont u bag every single chick than ill hand u your gold plated pimp cup. I always hear ima pimp bla bla, This dude was callin her while i was smashin. No shit dick dats His girlfriend. I might sound cheesy or a bit sour but its really bout respect and morals.

Evreything i just said goes both ways, Ok Ladies!

am i right or am i right?


- Degree aka Gucci Da Iron Liver

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