Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's a Stick-Up!

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Imagine you had money on some bank robbery status?
Like the Joker in Batman only you won't get killed. (Genius idea btw)
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I wish I was just sittin' on a shit load of cake.
Wether I was Bill Gates or this guy:

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Everybody wants money, but noone grinds for it now-a-days!
People just expect that shit to come off of a tree. Find
a hustle people, as for my man Degree he's been makin'
ill shit in the studio! He sent me 6 new songs off of a new
tape he's 1/2 done with. He doesn't know what to name it yet,
I might make a poll. But right now F.E.A.R. is sounding
good to me. Fuck Everything & Rap. Good motto to.
Reminds me of when I was younger in school we had a Drop Everything & Read
period, now there's a Fuck Everything & Rap session goin' on.

BUT! Before that, comes Anti-Everything.
As you can see Degree's got alotta projects goin' on.

Here's a track off of Anti-Everything.

Degree - Robbin Da Bank.

RDB quick cover.


MAYBE tomorrow I'll upload a track or 2 off of F.E.A.R.(?)
The songs are even sicker than the 1 uploaded today & on
some original beats.
People should start commenting on the posts, anyone can.
Just go to where it says 0 comments.(change that fuckers.) & click.

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Krissy B Baby said...

iLike Tht Motto !! :)
Yeaa Wuts Up Wit No Fuckin Comments HerE? i'LL Do iT Myself Then <3