Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Noone Likes You When Noone's Like You.

The title of the post is self-explanatory in a sense.
I find it intruiging how people that don't know you
already have a certain personality planned out for you
in their head. There's tons of labels out there, & people
always make assumptions. I think only you know you honestly.
People always say they have trust issues, that they don't trust anybody.
Those are the same people you can't trust, I might be one. I'm not even
sure, so how is someone gonna tell me, when I don't even know me?
Supposedly your friends influence you, I don't believe that.
If you have a strong enough will you'll do what you want to
wether or not there's pressure to. If I don't wanna smoke
I won't, if I do I will. In the grand scheme of things,
noone besides yourself can control what you do, you'll always
make a decision on your own. Think about them, because in the
end, you're not gonna have friends like you did in high school or
college. So why try to please them now? The only people down
with you forever are your family & a friend or 2 if you're lucky.
It's kinda sad that I'm having thoughts like this at such a young
age, I just slip into moods where I'm a sort of realist.
I've been mistaken for things like:
Emo, dick, nerd, corrupted, hipster, & the list goes on.
I can only define myself as a fusion of tons of labels.
Accept it & move on, because I don't follow the norm.


Here's a track I found in my ipod I can relate to & matches
perfectly with the post.

Joe Budden - Clothes On a Mannequin.

I'll probably make another post tonight with a new track from Degree.
Shit is nice, if I don't do it tonight I'll most definitely post tomorrow.
Thanks to all the readers, I put a counter up last night & shit says we got
about 130 views in a day, I'm proud of the blog & I'll keep posting material
frequently guys. Much love. Gonna hit up Xbox, i got another 48-Hour code.
GamerTag = BrianEsBee

I'm in, I'm outtttt.

-Brian SB.


Sabel said...

So trueeeeeee. I like this.

Krissy F Baby said...

Fuckkk Yeaaa
Makes Perfect Sence
Fuck Wut EveryWun Else Gotta Say. Yu Do You And Jus Be Who You Are. Aint No1 To Tell Yu OtherWise. Yu Not Here On This Earth To Please No1 But Urself. :)