Sunday, January 24, 2010

ASSUME (ass-U-me)

assume - to take for granted or without proof; suppose; postulate; posit

Sry if that HAITI post was too depressing. what can i say real talk is real talk...

So to brighten up the blog i gotta lil joke bein that im high (thanks alot mary jane).

i heard in a lil scrappy song(who knew?) that when u assume u make an ass outta u and me. Ever since i heard dat line ive been using it like i made it up. I told my X dat line over 1000 times cuz she was da queen of ...... ASSUMING

And guess who just made an assumption via txt. Yup my own blog partner, BRIAN SB(hoothoot). I told him i might not make any posts on my days off because ima be busy. Guess what dat fuck said ?

i quote : " just do it when you get home wasted & shit haha. "

.........WTF NIGGA...........

Did i say i was gonna get wasted?! i said ima be busy!!

sad part is i might be busy gettin wasted !

- Degree aka Cane aka Guccia da IRON LIVER

1 comment:

Coke-N-Cane said...

lmao! Cuz you know im right! haha.

-Brian SB.