Saturday, January 30, 2010


Today was straight, saw some fuckin'
chick flick with my homegirl. smh.
It's all good though we had fun & copped
some chick-fil-a after. I just remembered this(look at 30 seconds):

Then we ironically drank some lemonade. I stopped drinking coke recently,
not really a diet just doing it for fun. My old psychology teacher
told us if you drink alot of it then quit you can even suffer
from withdrawals. That shit is crazy, it's a drug & just about
everyone in the world uses it in drinks. Why isn't weed legal?
Caffeine is more addicting. I'll talk about solely that another day.

Btw, lately seems like everyone's been letting me down.
Shit, I'm letting me down. I went from all honors & an AP
class to 3 generals & 1 honors which I'll probably fail or
barely pass. Anatomy & Physiology. *sigh* Sorry if you felt
the post was boring tonight. I'm just extremely tired. I'll
brain tsunami(fuck a storm) tomorrow & come up with something
more interesting.

For now, this is the song I sing:

-Brian SB.

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