Saturday, January 23, 2010

We Be Steady Bloggin'.

Now that Drew (a.k.a. Degree) & I (Brian [SB]) have finally got our shit together it's about time we start giving you some drunk words & sober thoughts. The blog is gonna be dope, just peep the name. This is gonna be a place where you can come to for your fix on music, jokes, kicks, clothes, hos, & all that random good shit. Degree's in & out the studio so often I'ma post some of his new shit up here.

Hit up the space for a sample of our music:

New to the blogging thing, still under construction foolies.

BTW, I know everybody's laughing at the
62 year old dude on American Idol that made
his "Pants On the Ground" song. But he didn't
deserve to get famous, on the other hand, here's
someone I think is much more entertaining & has
more to offer. He makes his own beats & raps!

-Brian SB.

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