Sunday, January 24, 2010

All I need in this life of sin...

is me & my girlfriend. Xbox ♥

My baby<3

This shit right here consumes most of my time
ever since I got it for Christmas. Ever since Xbox
my friends bitch at me to get off & chill,


my mom has to yell more for me to vacuum, & me & my now ex girlfriend
fight. (No, we didnt break-up cuz of xbox.) Me & my boy
danNY know what's good, we get online & play for countless
hours. & I only play 1 game to, Modern Warfare 2!


I'm addicted to this game, I get online
& talk shit to all the motherfuckers on
my team or other teams, people in the lobby,
I even talk shit to my damn self!
I unlocked some DOPE titles & emblems that
help me express my self, check this shit out.


I wake-up in the morning & don't even brush my teeth & piss.
I hold it for as long as I can (usually 3 or 4 games) then
rush over to the bathroom during an intermission. Only
way I get up to eat breakfast is if I start losing & get
pissed & blame it on hunger. Which is honestly just me
lieing to myself to feel better. This entire day consisted of
Xbox, Waffles, Waffles, Xbox. I need to get the fuck out of the
house tomorrow.

Here's a pic from breakfast.

I feel this kid's pain, my xbox live account is about to run out.
I'm gonna have to pay $50 for a year or just suffer. FUCK.

-Brian SB.

1 comment:

Krissy F Baby said...

i'M Tellin Yu This As A Big Sista
Calm Down Killa :) iDnt Want Yu Hittin Yaself Wit Ya Sneakerz. iT Will Hurt. Lol !
Uhmm Wut Else..
Ur A Modern Warfare Addict! Get Tht Checked Out For Me Babe. Lol
Share Ur Waffle :)
And This Was A Good Entry. iNterestings, Yet Pointless.. <333
Lol Lovee Youuuu <333