Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Prescribe This.

Anyone ever get to the point where you
think there's no cure for your feelings
but your own medication methods?

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Lately school, girls, & home life
have all had me stressed. (What teenager
isn't stressed by these things?)

I have a 250 word list to learn by tomorrow,
I know about 110 or so. We only had a week to
learn em so fuck that I'm not tryna bust my ass
studying, I want somewhat of a social life.

Which leads to the next topic, girls. Me &
my ex dated for 10 months. 10 months is a long
ass time to be committed to someone, & then
just break it off. It's not easy remembering
all the good times everytime I see her & trying
to kill old feelings. I don't exactly embrace them,
but I know I still want to be involved with her.
But idk lately it's just on some "I'll see you when
I want to" status. & it used to be "I always wanna chill."
Know what I mean? Eh, you don't have to know.
Homelife isn't really stressful, I just have a short temper
when it comes to a lot of shit & I miss my family in
Puerto Rico (I'm going for spring break atleast), my
cousins spread around the states, & especially fam in
New York, shout out to Andrew, Chinny, & Brandon. I
know they ocasionally peep the blog. I think it's cuz
I don't live with my father & he doesn't even have
a damn phone so I barely speak to him. & at home
it's just my mom & stepdad, if she says no to
something there's noone on my side. My real dad would
kinda side with me on shit & it wouldn't be so strict
around here.

In conclusion, all this shit builds up &
I just wanna relieve the stress & say fuck
it all. Going along with this post is 1 of my
favorite tracks from Degree of all time.

Self Medicated.

"Produced by Hannibal King off of Degree's new album.
F.E.A.R. [Fuck Everything & Rap]
Coming to a hood near you via E-Mail.

-Direct quote from him. Gotta love this crazyass nigga. haha.

Click to download & then listen; comment on the post to
leave feedback & shit. I hate how ppl text me saying
the blog is dope, or hit me up on FB. LEAVE CMNTS HERE!
I'm out to shower & watch the Grammys.

-Brian SB.


Krissy F Baby said...

Deep Shit Lil Brooo
Keep Ya Head Up And Things Will Work They Way Out Some Kinda Wayy.
Jus Say Fuk iT And Keep Movin Farward

Cam Alexander said...

That picture of that weed, looks oh so pretty.