Monday, January 25, 2010

Is You Bout It Bout It?

So today I went & chilled with my boy danNY.
Had a photoshoot (No Homo) for his newest mixtape
titled "More Than Meets the Eye".

Dat Nigga.

Here's some random shots from today I liked but not what we're using for the cover:

Fight Night.

Might Run 4 Mayor.

Live Nigga Shit.

After multiple shots I decided to pick my weapons of choice.
The background, & the picture I'll be incorporating into it.



I've already began the project & once I feel it's 100% complete
I'll post it up on here for comments & concerns. I'll also
have a free download link for his mixtape when it's done.
(I'm featured on a track or 2 as well.)

After choppin' it up he previewed me most of the material on
the tape, I picked a song that's only exclusively showcased
for listen/download for the readers of the blog. I figured I'd
pick something that fit the blog. (Coke-N-Cane). Without further ado,
I present to you...

danNY- I'm Dope.

danNY-I'm Dope

[click the title of the song to listen/download.]

-Brian SB.

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