Friday, January 29, 2010


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Who killed this shit more?

I'm sure everyone knows who Gucci Mane is (BRR!)
Most people know who Curren$y is, & barely anybody
has even heard of Big Sean. (Signed to Kanye's label
& 1 of my favorite rappers out now.)

The original song is Gucci's, but I feel that Curren$y
made it doper & Big Sean just annihalates it. Here's
the tracks!



Big Sean:

Favorite Quotes:

Gucci - NONE. [I don't like him honestly. Only reason
anyone would listen is cuz of his flow
& his fuckin' noises. BRR! SKRR! Shit
is catchy but not my kinda music.]

Curren$y - Enviromentalist, I handcuffed myself to a purple tree.
Snooty Truty liein' to me sayin' she aint heard of me.
Groupie who you foolin' you know you be youtube searchin'
[I just think it sounds cool idk. haha.]

Big Sean - I'm on the top floor gettin' brains. Higher Learnin'.
[Big Sean just has dopeass punchlines!]

I'm unusual as shit,I'm Super Bad yo girl probably
doooodlin' my dick.
[I know we all remember the fat dude drawing dicks
like crazy!] Here's a clip:

So who did it the best to you?

Big Sean > Curren$y > Gucci for me.

I'll probably post later on tonight or tomorrow depending
on what im doing.

-Brian SB.

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