Sunday, January 24, 2010

Real Talk Pt. 1 ( u got problems!?)

So as we start 2 get our shit 2gether with this blog ive been brain tsunaming(hoothoot)and i thought of this idea


everytime you see Real Talk its just gona be all honesty basically...
so here we GO:

These last 2 months i been feeling down for multiple reasons. Thanks 2 da ppl who have helped(and tried). But theres one thing that really put me in my place.


thats right, im not too into the news(its bullshit c'mon b) but of course i heard bout Haiti. Ive been on this place called earth 21 yrs so i've seen tragedy. For some reason this earthquake in Haiti bothered me. Im gonna donate money(i promise)when i find a trustworthy place 2 donate it...

Like i said im not into the news but here are 2 links to stories that i skimmed thru :

1. Haiti's "Miracle Man" Tells Survival Story.

2. Aid groups seek out tents, sites for refugee camps as Haitians flow out of wrecked capital.

Now sorry if im not coming across as a "smart" resource but i just feel like ALL of us bitch n moan meanwhile people are fighting 2 live because of "mother nature"...

So before i sign off just include these ppl in your prayers, shit is real......

- Degree aka Cane aka Gucci Da iron LivER!

After this catastrophe I'm sure most of you saw or heard about the telethon
done for Haiti. Well something that interested me is 1 of my favorite rap duo's
of all time. (The Clipse) Made a limited edition tee shirt under their brand
"Play Cloths". 100% of the proceeds were donated to
The tee sold out instantly, here's a pic.

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-Brian SB.

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Coke-N-Cane said...

Damn, now I feel bad about how I'm thinking of spending $50 to keep my xbox's internet up & these people are dieing. =/

-Brian SB.