Thursday, January 28, 2010

21 - 19 (Music)

This is gonna be another segment of mines. Since im 21 (and still celebrating it) im gonna post my 21 Personal Favorite albums, movies & maybe chicks(?)

As 4 da album list, I know da older viewers R gona like it more than the young cats. I noticed you youngins(18 and under) R jus plain ol different. Hopefully u can learn a lil somethin thru this list

now lets get it poppin :

21. The B. Coming - Beanie Sigel

Summary - This album is criminally underrated. When i 1st heard it i didnt like it much. As time passed i kept goin back to it. Its just so dam deep but at da same time its stylish. Sigel was goin thru it during the process of recordin this. He was bout 2 go serve jail time, needless to say he should face another charge because he killed every track on this lp.

Listen : When your in da last stage of recovering from devastation

Top Songs : I Cant Go On This Way, Feel it in the air, Tales of a Hustler pt. 2

Worst Song : Don't Stop (still hot song tho)

20. 808's & Heartbreaks - Kanye West

Summary - Another Lp i slept on! I hardly like this at all when it 1st dropped, now i have a tat from a verse off Love Lockdown. My opinion did a total 180. Kanye had just lost his mother and broke up with his fiance, so dude was fucked up in the head fo real. Thats what make this lp so great, u can feel his pain. He cant sing 4 shit so he uses auto-tune as a crutch throughout the whole lp. Full of emotion, 808s is just straight up ill. Since me & my x broke up this shit gets mad spins especially Bad News

Listen : when heartbroken (duh)

Top Songs : Love Lockdown, Say You Will, Amazin

Worst Song : Paranoid (has a good vibe, but bores me)

19. Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 - Raekwon

Summary : Sorry old heads, i cant post pt. 1 up. I don't like it That much. Its definitely not wack but it just doesnt have da illness dat pt. 2 has. Damn OB4CL2 is dope! Its full of storytelling about money, drugs and violence. Its a masterpiece lyrically and production-wise.

Listen : When cookin up crack

Tops Songs : Pyrex Vision, Cold Outside, House Of Flying Daggers

Worst Song : Mean Streets (wack compared to the rest of da lp)

NOTES - 1. ima do this list 3 @ a time, stay tuned.
2. these albums r fairly new, but there r old 1s at da top.
- Degree

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Brandon said...

i think curren$y was the best, even tho i liked Big Seans flow. As for Gucci mane, he was alright lol