Tuesday, March 9, 2010

R.I.P. B.I.G.

Today March 9th marks the 13th year anniversary of Big's death. I havent seen any tributes 2him on any other sites. I woke up blastin Ready to Die and now im listenin 2 Life After Death. Its only Right....
Here's a lil somethin

"your ready to die/ tell god i said hi/ now throw down some ice for the nicest Mc niggas know the steelo, unbelievable"

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"damn what happened to the summertime cookouts/ everytime i turn around a nigga get took out/ shit my mommma got cancer in her breast/ dont ask me why im mothafuckin stressed/ Things done changed!"

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"Apoligies in order/ to T'Yanna my daughter/ If it was up to me you would be with me sorta like Daddy Dearest/ my vision be the clearest/ Silencers so you can't hear it
Competition still fear it/ shit don't ask me/ I went from ashy to nasty to classy"

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"Motherfuckers mad cuz I blew niggas envious/ Too many niggas on my dick shit's strenuous/ When my men bust you just move wit such stamina/ Slugs missed you
I ain't mad at you (we ain't mad at you)/ Blood rushin concussions ain't nothin/ Catch cases come out frontin/ Smoking somethin / Sippin White Russians bitch in the Benz bumpin/ I laced it wit the basic/ 6 TV's a system knocking Mase shit/ face it
We hard to hit/ Guard your shit/ for I stick you for your re-up/ Wipe the P up/ Mix shots work your seat up/ Go in the ashtray spark the weed up

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And to end it on a good note,

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