Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Good Ol' Days.


I was looking through some boxes under my desk &
found this picture. Psshhh, this polaroid was taken
like summer 06 or 07 I believe, 1 of my first times
getting wasted! hahaha. It was at some HUGE concert
full of Spanish rap, rock, & alternative music sponsored
by 1 of the most popular radio stations. My uncle
was performing so I got to go backstage & drink free
beers in his trailer, I was like shit when's the next
time life's gonna be this good?! So I took advantage
of the free beverages & concert, I went crazy that night.
I look so damn young in this picture sheesh. I met Residente
Calle 13 that night to, I had a pic with him but I couldn't
find it. Oh well fuck it, this one is Timeless.
Chillin' with family is always the shit to me.

Anyone remember their first time getting drunk off your ass?
I forgot all about that day until I dug up this pic haha.
Pz & love y'all.

-Brian SB.

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