Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hi Haters...

I'm back from hiatus.

Sorry I haven't been posting consistently but
a lot of shit's been going down, in a good way!
Saw Alice in wonderland 3D, & Avatar 3D this
weekend. That's definitely gonna win an assload
of awards tonight since it's seriously an incredible
movie. A $12 well spent. Wish I saw it in iMax though.
As for Alice in wonderland...Not even a trip on acid
would make that weird shit any good. smh.

I have the SAT's next weekend, that's gonna suck.


I always have FML moments throughout my weeks, this
week my phone fell on the floor, restarted, & deleted
30 verses I had written. That shit coulda been a whole
mixtape. SMH. Time to start from square 1. FML.

On the bright side my grades're good.
on the flip side my parents won't allow me to get
my license, so it was a whole year of pointless
driving & honestly there's no point to doing
good in school & shit if I'm not gonna get something
that's necessary. I need a damn job & without a car
there's no way.
I flipped some Grape 5s for $160. Here's pics of em,
if you're a size 10 you slept hard. Easily worth $200.

Grapes Right.



I need some in a size 9 now.

Oh yeah, Amanda said I looked
"UHH-MAAY-SING" on Friday.

-Brian SB.

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