Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Clean Cut.

I was getting sick of that damn Matrix
background and a make-over was long overdue
for the blog no homo. I think Coke&Cane. looks
cleaner than Coke-N-Cane. Just testing it out
to see what I like better, my homegirl Tiffany
gave me the idea. I haven't been consistently
posting which I'm really sorry for. Been extra
busy between school & chillin' on weekends &
just normal shit all around. Kicked it with
some hilarious white kids last Saturday, tons
of priceless moments but them dancing in the
middle of a crowd was fuckin' hilarious.

White People Dancing.

Probably gonna have a photoshoot this week
after school or something. Downtown Clermont
probably, like the look of the streets there
& the scenery.

On another note!

Been feelin' motivated to make that shit we
call the root of all evil. Destined to have
a pocket full of sin soon nahh mean? Prob.
gonna sell off some sneakers soon. I'ma
let y'all get another Timeless joint
just for reading if you do. Brian SB & Degree
on the track spittin' that real shit for y'all
that want some HEAT.

-Brian SB.

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